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Emergence was created to help unite the movement skill acquisition world while helping you explore sport movement behavior in greater depth.

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The 3rd Annual Sport Movement Skill Conference took place via an online format on May 16th and 17th (adapting to the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic like many others). The SMSC is truly the only event of its kind where sport movement professionals come together in integration and cohesion to advance the understanding of movement behavior in sport while refining methods utilized within the art of facilitating skill acquisition in athletes of all levels. In case you missed it live, now is your time to accept the opportunity to interact with this material from some of the foremost leaders in the movement skill community.


With over 60+ years of experience, our experts have developed several ways for you to sharpen your understanding and subsequent practical application. Highlighted by our various online educational courses, Emergence sets the standard in helping you investigate concepts and ideas relevant to sport movement behavior. 

We know you’ll walk away with much greater insight on how to develop creative and adaptable movers that aids in them solving complex problems in sport. We look forward to locking arms with you!


Sport Movement Skill Conference 2020

Sport Movement Skill Conference 16 speakers including Keith Davids, Stu Mcmillan, Rob Gray and other leaders across the sport movement community, deliver on over 18 hours of content!

Speaker List and Topics


Opening Address: An Emergent Interaction

Marianne Davies

Listening to the Rebels: Tales from the naughty side of research and practice

Dr. Keith Davids

Have we got the right balance between specificity of training and enrichment of functional capacities in athlete development and preparation for performance?

Dr. Rob Gray

From Freezing to Freeing to Coordinative Structures: Solving the DOF Problem in Skilled Motor Action

Todd Hargrove

The Complexity of Pain & Biomechanics

Tyler Yearby

Introducing a Repetition Without Repetition Approach to the Weight Room

Dr. Emily Splichal

Reflexive Stabilization for Power & Agility

Stu McMillan

Problems & Roundtable

Rich White

Bridging the gap with novel activities

Stuart Armstrong

There's a game for that: Reconceptualizing practice design through the needs of the participant

Ben Franks

Could adaptive variability underpin skilled perception-action couplings?

Michael Zweifel

Youth Movement Skill Acquisition

Cam Josse

Contextual Training in Team Sports

Harjiv Singh

Rethinking Feedback: Characteristics of Language for Optimal Motor Learning and Performance

Dr. Jas Randhawa

The Performance Environment: Integrating Representative Design & Performance Therapy

Rhett Ellison

Perspectives from the athlete


Challenges in Movement Skill Acquisition

What others have to say...

“It is great to see the S&C community beginning to appreciate the importance of skill acquisition and transfer of training. This has been in no small part due to the excellent work of my buddy Shawn Myszka, and the team at Emergence. I look forward to seeing how the profession expands over the coming years - with a growing influence on athlete performance.”
Stuart McMillan
“At Emergence, Tyler and Shawn have done an amazing job consolidating the work of many researchers on ecological dynamics and give great examples of how you can apply it to sports movement behavior. I would highly recommend investing your time and efforts in navigating through their lecture series, joining them on their Movement Meet-up calls, or just hiring them as consultants. Emergence has been a great resource for us at the 49ers.”
Dustin Perry M.Ed. CSCS
Head Strength & Conditioing Coach, 49ers
“I just finished 'Ecological Dynamics for Dummies' by Emergence, and I can honestly say it is THE best introduction to the ecological dynamics framework for coaches. Period. I highly recommend it!”
James Chung, CSCS
DPT Student at Columbia, FRS Instructor
“The Underpinnings course has been invaluable for our coaches and our business… Between the digestible yet in-depth information presented, the expert interviews, and the various resources associated with the course, the team at Emergence has provided incredible value for its learners. For any coach looking to gain a greater knowledge of movement science, then this is the best course available!”
Ignite Performance Team
Helped over 100+ athletes receive NCAA scholarships
"Emergence is THE United States thought leader in skill acquisition and movement science. I bought their Underpinnings course and loved it. Highly recommend!"
Randy Sullivan MPT, CSCS
CEO Florida Baseball Ranch
“As a coach, Underpinnings has been a phenomenal resource for learning the complexities of ecological dynamics. The course delivers complex information through digestible lessons along with a host of secondary resources to help you follow along and point you towards further learning. For coaches looking to become more attuned with motor learning, there is no better place to start then with Underpinnings.”
Lennon Richards
Director of Pitching, Baseball Development Group
"The "Approaching the Weightroom from an Ecological Dynamics" Course was one of the most enjoyable educational experiences of my last 10 years as a coach. There are many things I've noticed in my years in mainstream strength and conditioning that didn't seem to fit well with how elite athletes actually trained, moved, and experienced their environment. The Weightroom course by Emergence tied up many of these loose ends for me, and gave me loads of insights and ideas as to what the true purpose of the gym is in our modern training context. The creativity of Tyler and Michael in the course is on another level, and hugely inspiring. I'd absolutely recommend it for any performance coach, as this is exactly the type of thinking that we need to move the needle of injuries, performance, and perhaps more importantly, creativity, in a positive direction"
Joel Smith BATI, CSCS, MAT Jumpstart, USATF, NKT
“Just Fly Performance Podcast” & Strength and Conditioning Coach University of California
"The Emergence team gave me a new perspective on athletics, in that sport is a problem-solving activity and that athletes are problem solvers. In order to help athletes solve these problems, we need to present them with the contexts in which they encounter in competition. The Underpinnings course opened my eyes to the responsibility a coach has in facilitating problem-solving opportunities. This course has greatly influenced my philosophies on practice design, making me think about what information is made available, what emotions are stirred, and what opportunities are built into the environment to allow for exploration in building solutions for relevant problems.”
Anthony Villa
Hitting Coach, Baltimore Orioles
"There is nothing like Emergence for educational resources. As a business owner and sports performance coach always looking for resources to continue my education, Emergence tops them all. Their knowledge and ability to communicate the information made it easy to understand and implement right away."
Tommy Flanagan
Owner- Strength 2 Strength
“The Underpinnings course is a must for all coaches looking to expand their perspective. It has greatly helped me reshape the practice environment to pay more attention to the needs of the unique individual and step away from cookie-cutter movement patterns. This resource has pushed me to dive deeper into the factors that greatly influence elite performance. Tyler and Shawn are expert communicators and have greatly impacted my coaching career for the better.”
Brian Pozos
Infield | Hitting Coach, LA Valley College Baseball
“I really enjoyed the Ecological Dynamics for Dummies course. I’ve been reading so many books on the topic that it overwhelmed me at times. This course unpacked specific areas I needed further understanding. E.g. The difference between intention and attention. I’ll hopefully buy the main course soon!! I highly recommend for those starting their journey into the world of Ecological Dynamics!!!”
Frank O’ Keeffe
2019 Munster Tennis Coach of the year
“Emergence will accelerate your learning and fuel a passion for exploring and explaining movement skill behavior. Shawn, Tyler, and the rest of the team at Emergence are leading the movement skill industry with their educational resources. If you’re searching for educational resources specific to movement skill acquisition and expertise then you need to sign up for the Underpinnings course by Emergence. Shawn and Tyler are clear and thorough in their examination and application of the movement science. You will love how this course affects the careers of you players and your own.”
Nick Ascue
Assistant Baseball Coach, Bowling Green
"The team at Emergence had me constantly reflecting, not only on my role as a coach & evaluator, but also on the very nature of sport itself. If "Context drives content" then the team at Emergence as a truly set the stage for me to reach my potential. "
Matt Caraccio
Co-Owner/Co-Host of the Saturday2Sunday Podcast

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Underpinnings: Concepts which live & breathe within an Ecological Dynamics framework

Underpinnings was created to bring clarity to your journey and discuss the pertinence of the vast array of important, conceptual ideas which form an ecological dynamics framework for sport movement behavior.

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Movement Meet-Up Calls (MMU)

Our goal at Emergence is to provide coaches with a different lens through which they view on-field sport performance. The Movement Meet-Up (MMU) think tank was created to serve as a platform in growing the community’s understanding of sport movement skill. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with industry thought leaders and discuss practical applications to promote learning for your athletes.

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Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective

We view athletes as complex adaptive systems and in this digestible mini-course, we offer a nonlinear approach to the weight room. We showcase how you can guide your athletes to discover their ability to adapt. Join us as we explore ways to provide a platform for your athletes to chase dexterity!

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Ecological Dynamics for Dummies

‘Ecological Dynamics for Dummies,’ to stand as a more bite-sized version of our more extensive course, ‘Underpinnings,’ as a way to bring the sport movement skill community more clarity and a common ground. Using the popular instructional book series that most are familiar with as our inspiration and model, we intended this course to be more direct, simpler, and less intimidating overall.

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Sport Movement Skill Conference 2020

Sports Movement Skill Conference 2020: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants — Shawn Myszka, Marianne Davies, Dr. Keith Davids, Dr. Rob Gray, Todd Hargrove, Tyler Yearby, Dr. Emily Splichal, Stu McMillan, Rich White, Stuart Armstrong, Ben Franks, Michael Zweifel, Cam Josse, Harjiv Singh, Dr. Jas Randhawa, Rhett Ellison, Roundtable; Challenges in Movement Skill Acquisition

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The Movement Academy

TMA includes: – 6 months of intensive interaction with the Emergence team along with other passionate movement professionals – Underpinnings Module 1 ($87 value) – Ecological Dynamics for Dummies ($87 value) – 18 interactive calls (12 are one-on-one), which are split into 3 categories (Emergent Discussions, Personal Craft Development, & Mentor Driven Movement Analysis – reference call details above) ($3,150 value) – Access to all Movement Meet-up calls ($97 value) – Session planning & reflection tools with recorded explanation ($57 value) – Networking & locking arms with other passionate movement professionals (Priceless) – Exclusive discussion board – Emergence gear Total investment: $1,347

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