Emergence was created to bring greater clarity and applicability to the ideas that form an ecological dynamics framework, assisting sports coaches and practitioners to guide those they work with to become more adept movers. If movement behavior intrigues you, we invite you to explore with us!




With over 70 years of experience, our experts have designed learning opportunities to sharpen your understanding and subsequent practical application of ideas that form an ecological dynamics framework. If you’re interested in understanding sport movement behavior in greater depth, then you came to the right place!


“It is great to see the S&C community beginning to appreciate the importance of skill acquisition and transfer of training. This has been in no small part due to the excellent work of my buddy Shawn Myszka, and the team at Emergence. I look forward to seeing how the profession expands over the coming years – with a growing influence on athlete performance.”

Stuart McMillan


“At Emergence, Tyler and Shawn have done an amazing job consolidating the work of many researchers on ecological dynamics and give great examples of how you can apply it to sports movement behavior. I would highly recommend investing your time and efforts in navigating through their flagship course Underpinnings or hiring them as consultants. Emergence has been a great resource for us at the 49ers.”

Dustin Perry, M. Ed., CSCS

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, 49ers

“The Emergence team gave me a new perspective on athletics, in that sport is a problem-solving activity and that athletes are problem solvers. In order to help athletes solve these problems, we need to present them with the contexts in which they encounter in competition. The Underpinnings course opened my eyes to the responsibility a coach has in facilitating problem-solving opportunities. This course has greatly influenced my philosophies on practice design, making me think about what information is made available, what emotions are stirred, and what opportunities are built into the environment to allow for exploration in building solutions for relevant problems.”

Anthony Villa

Hitting Coach, Baltimore Orioles

“The Underpinnings course has been invaluable for our coaches and our business… Between the digestible yet in-depth information presented, the expert interviews, and the various resources associated with the course, the team at Emergence has provided incredible value for its learners. For any coach looking to gain a greater knowledge of movement science, then this is the best course available!”

Ignite Performance Team

Helped over 100+ athletes receive NCAA scholarships

“There is nothing like Emergence for educational resources. As a business owner and sports performance coach always looking for resources to continue my education, Emergence tops them all. Their knowledge and ability to communicate the information made it easy to understand and implement right away.”

Tommy Flanagan

Owner, Strength 2 Strength

“Emergence is THE United States thought leader in skill acquisition and movement science. I bought their Underpinnings course and loved it. Highly recommend!”

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

CEO, Florida Baseball ARMory