You may have heard us talk before about the conceptual idea of one’s Form of Life.

Quite frankly, we believe that one’s Form of Life will influence how they do everything

This Form of Life is about…well…how they live. Thus, it’s always acting as an umbrella over the behaviors which will emerge when the human interacts with the world. It’s a way of describing one’s niche within a particular ecosystem. 

Our shared Movement Community also has a Form of Life. One that all of us both contribute to, and draw upon, as we approach our respective environments and attempt to influence it through our own authentic fashion. For a Sport Movement Specialist, it lives and breathes within, and is expressed through, our individual craft. It’s in how we think and what we believe…and it’s in how we act and behave…and thus, our Form of Life guides the approach and its energy within our learning environments we design.

For an athlete, the Form of Life will drive how one solves movement problems through their perceptions, intentions, and actions which are coupled with the information and the affordances of the world. How the athlete expresses him or herself through their movements, is an individual’s creation based on their reciprocal interactions with the environment they are placed within. 

The thing we must acknowledge is; an individual’s Form of Life is always changing and being shaped. Who we are today, is different than who we will be tomorrow. Thus, at least to a certain degree, one is in charge of where his or her Form of Life may evolve to. And this is vitally important to acknowledge because the important values and their meaning in your life will be reflected in how you choose to approach your craft. You will become what you think about most (and how you think about it) based on what activities you engage yourself in. 

We have a unique opportunity ahead of us between our team at Emergence along with the Sport Movement Specialists who choose to accept the challenge of participating within the upcoming cohort of The Movement Academy. It is designed to push both one’s individual Form of Life, as well as the community’s collective Form of Life, to a whole new level. Because of that, we won’t sugarcoat it – it WILL be challenging. However, if you are someone who is looking to seize control of your own craft, The Movement Academy is for you. 

If you want to find out more about what the experience within The Movement Academy may be like, and how it can evolve your authentic Form of Life, I encourage you to check out more information HERE.

Shawn is the Co-Director of Education & Co-Founder of Emergence. He developed content for the educational brand, Movement Mastery, from 2014 till the formation of Emergence, with the sole purpose of helping to enable a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the acquisition of more masterful movement for athletes in sport. Shawn has served primarily as a Personal Performance Advisor & Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for National Football League (NFL) players since 2008, working with approximately 12 players each year.