Emergence will give you the tools and understanding to unlock your athletes’ movement potential. We’ll help deepen your understanding of the performer-environment relationship, constraints on behavior, and offer insight into how you can design better learning environments to help the athletes you work with become more adept movers!



Masters of Science (MS) in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania

  • Has served primarily as a Personal Performance Advisor & Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for National Football League (NFL) players since 2008, working with approximately 12 players each year
  • Has partnered with 5 NFL All-Pro selections and 12 NFL Pro Bowl Team members
  • Founder/host of the Sport Movement Skill Conference which is organized in an attempt to change the lens that professionals view sport movement behavior through
  • Operates a football-specific movement blog, Football Beyond the Stats, in which he uniquely breaks down the movement skills of the top performers in the sport
  • Is a frequent guest for various podcasts within the athletic performance space typically discussing conceptual ideas that pertain to the art of being a more effective Movement Coach
  • Has presented over two dozen times at major strength coach and sport coach conferences nationwide since 2006
  • Developed content for the educational brand, Movement Mastery, from 2014 till the formation of Emergence, with the sole purpose of helping to enable a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the acquisition of more masterful movement for athletes in sport
  • Co-author of the following peer-reviewed scientific journal articles: “Applying an ecological approach to practice design in American football: some case examples on best practice,” “Being Water: how key ideas from the practice of Bruce Lee align with contemporary theorizing in movement skill acquisition,” and “(Re)conceptualizing movement behavior in sport as a problem-solving activity”

Twitter @MovementMiyagi


Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

  • Former American football running back and strength & conditioning coach at Northeastern State University 
  • Former strength & conditioning coach in American football at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Co-author of the following peer-reviewed scientific journal articles: “Applying an ecological approach to practice design in American football: some case examples on best practice,” “Being Water: how key ideas from the practice of Bruce Lee align with contemporary theorizing in movement skill acquisition,” and “(Re)conceptualizing movement behavior in sport as a problem-solving activity”
  • Has delivered over 300 domestic & international continuing education courses, workshops, and conference presentations in 15 countries
  • Tyler is currently pursuing his doctorate in sport and exercise at the University of Gloucestershire (UK), exploring the perceived impact on the professional work of sports coaches and practitioners after interacting with online coaching education underpinned by an ecological dynamics rationale, with a particular focus on the theory-practice link and understanding the strengths and limitations they perceive in their craft after applying the ideas in practice.
  • Is a frequent guest for various podcasts within the athletic performance space typically discussing conceptual ideas that pertain to the art of being a more effective Movement Coach
  • Has and continues to work with athletes ranging from youth to professional
  • Has coached over a dozen athletes playing at the professional level
  • Nearly 20 years of experience

Twitter @TylerYearby


Master of Science (MS) in Kinesiology from University of Texas at Tyler

  • Michael serves as the special teams coordinator, defensive backs coach and co-defensive coordinator for the UW-La Crosse football team
  • Multiple Publications in Scientific Journals
  • NCAA All-Time Leader in Career Reception (463)

Twitter @CoachMZweifel


Master of Science (MS) in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Motor Learning from Missouri State University

  • Coaching baseball since 2010 working at all levels from youth to NCAA Division 1
  • Sport Performance Coach since 2014 working in both the collegiate and private sector
  • Graduate Assistant Missouri State University Bears Baseball Program 2019-2021
  • Combined total of 9+ years of coaching experience

Twitter @gboyum01


B.A. in Exercise Science from Gustavus Adolphus College
M.A. in Sport Administration from Concordia St. Paul University

  • Director of Athletic Development, Starters Sports Training (2019-2021)
  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Concordia St. Paul University (2016-2019)
  • Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Concordia St. Paul University (2014-2016)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach-Baseball, University of Nebraska Omaha (2013)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach, Northern Lights Junior Volleyball Club (2012, 2014)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kansas City Royals (2012)
  • Performance Coach, National Strength and Conditioning Association (2011)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach, Prior Lake High School (2006-2011)

Twitter @richwhite44

Javier Miller-Estrada, B.S.

B.S. in Kinesiology from Arizona State University

  • Co-Owner of Ignite Performance in Chandler, Arizona, which has become one of the premier facilities for long-term athletic development
  • Javi and the team at Ignite have worked with athletes ranging from high school to the professional level and have helped over 100 athletes obtain college scholarships
  • Javi is the host of the Adaptable Athlete Podcast, where he, along with his world-class guests, discuss various topics in the world of sport movement and skill acquisition
  • Javi is a sought-after author and podcast guest and has had his writing published by major strength and conditioning publications
  • Prior to Ignite, Javi worked in multiple outpatient physical therapy clinics working with a patients of various backgrounds and ages

Twitter @thecoachjav


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly is ‘Underpinnings’ for?

[We believe that] Underpinnings is for anyone who has a passion and vested interest in understanding movement skill deeply. It was created to open up dialogue around the most pertinent concepts for viewing movement behavior in a comprehensive, systems-based perspective. Thus, many of the ideas it contains can actually serve to unify and unite those across the movement skill community ranging from sport coaches, strength and conditioning or athletic performance specialists, athletic trainers, scientists, academics, and anyone in between. As long as you love movement skill, we believe that you will love Underpinnings.

When I purchase it, how long do I have access to ‘Underpinnings’ for?

Forever! As long as Emergence is alive and kicking, Underpinnings also will be. Thus, you will never lose access to its content.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund. You can return a product for up to 3 days from the date you purchased it.

I don’t have an extensive scientific background in kinesiology and can get confused somewhat easily by jargon, will the material in ‘Underpinnings’ still be understandable for me?

That’s not only okay, but Underpinnings was actually developed around this issue as one of its key learning objectives. Our goal in the creation of Underpinnings was to take the often confusing and somewhat intimidating ideas, and make those concepts more digestible and more practically relevant in your craft. Certainly, that’s not to say that you will sufficiently ‘get’ everything right away (none of us do as the study of sport movement is pretty complex to begin with!), but we surely aimed to discuss the ideas with as much brevity and comprehensiveness as we could. Additionally, we are here to do everything we can to bring enhanced clarity to the ideas as time goes on and the ideas continually evolve.

As I go through the material in ‘Underpinnings’, is there a way for me to ask questions of the instructors of the course and/or Emergence staff?

Yes! In fact, this is precisely what our ‘Movement Meet-ups’ were intended to do and why we elected to give anyone who purchases Underpinnings free access to the Meet-ups each month for a year. Within those hosted Meet-up chat rooms you will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with not only those who were responsible for the content development of Underpinnings but also others from around the movement skill community.

Additionally, if you have a question that you feel needs answering before that point, feel free to reach out to us on the ‘Contact’ tab above or on any one of our social media outlets. We are always happy to interact with others who are passionate about the study of sport movement skill and behavior!

I don’t work with athletes but I do work with clients to improve their movement, will the content within ‘Underpinnings’ benefit me?

Ideas within an ecological dynamics framework live and breathe everywhere within the world around us. Additionally, of course, no matter what we do and how we seemingly differ from others (even those who play sport), we all aim to solve movement problems within our world and to do that, we must organize functional movement solutions (tightly interwoven perception-cognition-action couplings) to do so. Thus, even if you don’t work with athletes, we believe that Underpinnings will make you think vastly different about your craft no matter who it is that you work with on a daily basis in the enhancement of their movement skills to match the problems that they face!

Are you giving me training programs that I can immediately utilize for my athletes?

No, not for this course. Underpinnings is designed to give you what we feel is the necessary and requisite understanding regarding the most important concepts involved which create an ecological dynamics framework to view sport movement behavior through. A major part of that framework is a ‘nonlinear pedagogy’ which we begin to discuss within the course. Because we do believe strongly in approaching training and learning design through a nonlinear pedagogical approach, it would be pointless to put out random training programs for athletes that we do not know and work with on a daily basis. Thus, we trust you to do that program design because you are the one who is a mutual, interacting component part of that specific learning environment!

How many exercises and drills do you show me that I can implement with athletes?

Actually, none for this course. As mentioned above, Underpinnings is about acquiring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the concepts which can help you to more effectively design learning environments and activity design which transfers to sport in the competitive arena. Thus, specific exercises and drills are beyond the scope of this particular project. However, we do have various projects in the works which will extensively address the design of activities and associated constraint manipulation which can facilitate enhanced movement skill (such as our next course, ‘Coupled’). That being said, we do strongly believe in the age old cliché which says that ‘there is nothing more practical than a good theory.’ And part of that theory is in being able to connect the dots between its concepts which form it’s framework. Thus, we do believe that Underpinnings will enable you to better critique and design more purposeful activities which will lead to positive transfer for your athletes.

Are CEU’s or CEC’s (Continuing Education Units/Credits) available for participants who complete ‘Underpinnings’?

At this time, we have made the choice to go without offering participants continuing education credits through any number of organizations. The reason for this is simple: we feel as though, many times, people participate in various means of continuing education (courses, clinics, conferences, etc) just to fulfill their CEU requirements as opposed to doing it as a means to deeply improve their craft. However, it is certainly not out of the question down the road and something that we at Emergence will continue to table for discussion. In the event that the course becomes accredited for credits in the future, if you complete the course before it is actually accredited, you will be get credit for it when it does at a later date.

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