Affordance 1: MMU Zoom Call

Our goal at Emergence is to provide coaches with a different lens through which they view on-field sport performance. The Movement Meet-Up (MMU) think tank was created to serve as a platform in growing the community’s understanding of sport movement skill. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with industry thought leaders and discuss practical applications to promote learning for your athletes. Calls are open to everyone and will last about 60 minutes.


Affordance 2: 1-on-1 Call

Do you want your specific questions answered by one of our experts? Schedule a 1-on-1 call with one of our team members and get all your questions answered.

  1. 1 hour call $250
  2. 30 minute call $150

Contact for more information.

Affordance 3: Online Courses

Like a sporting environment, the movement skill acquisition world is a place inundated with a vast array of information. Movement practitioners of all kinds are bombarded with ideas which range from those that are downright silly and gimmicky, to those that are soaked with tradition and dogma, finally to those that can forever change your practice environment and lead to more positive transfer to the competitive sporting arena.Needless to say, it can be a really confusing space to sift through to determine what’s effective and warrants your further attention versus that which doesn’t hold its weight both in empirical or anecdotal evidence.

However, no matter what hat you wear in the athletic performance space, whether you’re a coach, a physical therapist or other sports medicine professional, a strength & conditioning coach, a professor or a scientist, it’s likely that you are hungry to get closer to the truth and motivated by the mission of helping to facilitate enhanced movement skill for athletes when and where it counts within their sport.

View our courses, click below:

Affordance 4: In-Person Workshops

Description: The Emergence team is available for in-person sessions or daily workshops where we will address the underpinning principles followed by a practical. Each session will be delivered in a unique way, much in the same way we approach our own training sessions. This is an incredible way to investigate sport movement behavior and address the most specific questions you have.

Available for 1-2 hour sessions at conferences/clinics/summits as well as 8-hour workshops (up to 2 team members per event) or customized for your specific needs.

Contact for more information.

Affordance 5: Intensive Mentorship

  1. 4-5 days (basically living in our shoes) with unlimited Q&A
  2. You cover expenses such as flight, lodging, food, etc. 
  3. The entire mentorship is 1 month in length (including the 4-5 days in-person)
  4. 1 call for 90 minutes, which can be used during the month
  5. Texts from 9-Noon CST Monday-Thursday (answer by EOD) throughout the month

Description: Our most intensive offering allows individuals to directly engage and immerse themselves into the daily application of the ecological dynamic principles by our world-class sport movement specialists. After the weeklong observation, you will leave with a much greater understanding of the why, how, what, and when behind the complexity of sport movement skill.

Mentorship Starting at $4,500.00

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