Emergence was created to help unite the movement skill acquisition world while helping you explore sport movement behavior in greater depth.

We view athletes as complex adaptive systems and in this digestible mini-course, we offer a nonlinear approach to the weight room. We showcase how you can guide your athletes to discover their ability to adapt. Join us as we explore ways to provide a platform for your athletes to chase dexterity!

What can I envision the course to look like?

Join Tyler Yearby and Michael Zweifel as they discuss using an ecological approach in the weight room.


  • Definitions/Movement Terminology
    1. Ecological Dynamics 
    2. Nonlinear Pedagogy
    3. Constraints
    4. Degrees of Freedom
    5. Self-organization 
    6. Dexterity
    7. Repetition w/o repetition
  • Exploring the Weight Room
  • Challenging the Human Movement System
    1. Recap
  • Communication and Guidance 
  • Creating a Learning Environment 
  • Technology 
  • Training Card Templates 
  • Reflection
  • Training card templates that serve as a guide to approaching to the weight room from an ecological perspective 
  • Official References/Reading List (PDF) from the course
  • Movement Meet-up Zoom calls each month where over a 60 minute period of time you will get an opportunity to hear from members of the EMERGENCE team on the various concepts and ideas related to the course content. Can’t make it on the call? That’s okay; they will be recorded and you will have access to them!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t work with athletes but I do work with clients to improve their movement, will the content within the course benefit me?

Ideas within an ecological dynamics framework live and breathe everywhere within the world around us. Additionally, of course, no matter what we do and how we seemingly differ from others (even those who play sport), we all aim to solve movement problems within our world. Thus, even if you don’t work with athletes, we believe that ‘Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective’ will make you think vastly different about your craft no matter who it is that you work with on a daily basis in the enhancement of their movement skills to match the problems that they face!

When I purchase it, how long do I have access to ‘Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective’?

Forever! As long as Emergence is alive and kicking, ‘Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective’ also will be. Thus, you will never lose access to its content.

What others have to say?

"Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective was one of the most enjoyable educational experiences of my last 10 years as a coach. There are many things I've noticed in my years in mainstream strength and conditioning that didn't seem to fit well with how elite athletes actually trained, moved, and experienced their environment. The Weight room course by Emergence tied up many of these loose ends for me, and gave me loads of insights and ideas as to what the true purpose of the gym is in our modern training context. The creativity of Tyler and Michael in the course is on another level, and hugely inspiring. I'd absolutely recommend it for any performance coach, as this is exactly the type of thinking that we need to move the needle of injuries, performance, and perhaps more importantly, creativity, in a positive direction"
Joel Smith BATI, CSCS, MAT Jumpstart, USATF, NKT
“Just Fly Performance Podcast” & Strength and Conditioning Coach University of California
“The team at emergence has put together an incredible array of information that is highly thought-provoking and delivered with a vast depth of knowledge on the many variables that encompass the subject of skill acquisition in sport. Looking at this from my personal training lens, I see immediate uses to help the functionality of the variety of clientele that I work with. I am excited to have bolstered my training arsenal and would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in doing the same.”
Michael Niebuhr CSCS Pn 1
CEO, Transitions Fitness L.L.C

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"Most people think about it the other way," Myszka said. "They try to make their movements more fine-tuned [as they get older]. But instead, we tried to open the toolbox so he has more tools, more solutions to similar behaving problems and a wider breadth of problems at that."


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