Over the first three years of the Sport Movement Skill Conference, and then again popping up after the release of our first educational course Underpinnings, I have heard a similar message regarding the quality of content and the value associated with the subsequent interactions related to many of the ideas important to being the very best Sport Movement Specialist that each of us can be.

Yet, there has remained a big elephant in the room that we are grateful for some individuals pointing out. You see, to go along with the expansion and explanation of numerous innovative concepts, many practitioners have also expressed the gaps which still exist even after going through those experiences (the SMSC and/or Underpinnings). These gaps, generally speaking, revolved around more of the how: being able to confidently take these ideas and directly apply them in one’s craft and environment to improve the movement skill and enhance the in-sport performance of the athletes that they work with.

I completely understand where you are all coming from! This is not only one of the most difficult steps on this learning journey, but it’s also arguably the most important.

We understand that this is a problem and we are committed to doing more to help you solve it! Thus, The Movement Academy was born out of this need within the community.

With The Movement Academy, we want to meet you where you are. Because of this, the curriculum of The Movement Academy will be unlike that which currently exists in the movement skill and performance communities.

When the team at Emergence and I went to work on designing the course, we wanted to fully respect ideas that are near and dear to our hearts and Form of Life. We want The Movement Academy to be an interactive experience where all who lock arms to embrace the opportunity to work through the ideas and allow them to begin to live and breathe within your craft. Within this experience, we will be your guides and help to facilitate the authentic ownership and expression of the ideas to be of your own.

As excited as I have been in the past about the introduction of the Sport Movement Skill Conference and then again with the release of Underpinnings, I am even more excited about the lasting impact and change which The Movement Academy has the potential to elicit within the community. I would invite you to check out more about The Movement Academy HERE as well as watching this short informative video put together by Tyler Yearby and I as we explore where The Movement Academy experience can take us all in the coming months.

We hope that you will join us in January!

Shawn is the Co-Director of Education & Co-Founder of Emergence. He developed content for the educational brand, Movement Mastery, from 2014 till the formation of Emergence, with the sole purpose of helping to enable a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the acquisition of more masterful movement for athletes in sport. Shawn has served primarily as a Personal Performance Advisor & Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for National Football League (NFL) players since 2008, working with approximately 12 players each year.