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Ecological Dynamics for Dummies Overview

In this 90 minute course, we will introduce and unpack the main theoretical concepts which make-up an Ecological Dynamics framework that we believe can immediately change your personal Form of Life as a practitioner.

Within it, we aim to define and expand on ideas such as:

  • Accepting the reality: the complexity of sport movement behavior
  • Why it’s imperative that you adopt Systems Thinking
  • The marriage of Ecological Psychology and Dynamical Systems Theory into Ecological Dynamics
  • Why Bernstein’s ideas regarding Dexterity may be our main objective for athletes and humans alike
  • What is Self-organization and why is it essential that we grasp onto its presence in movement systems
  • Emergence within movement systems in the form of skilled movement solutions
  • Why Information is power and Affordances hold the key
  • Why perception and action must be coupled
  • The importance of movement variability (Bernstein was onto something with repetition without repetition too!)
  • What is this whole Constraints-Led Approach that everyone is talking about?
  • Why is it so important that we acknowledge if a task is a ‘Representative’ one?
  • Who you should read, follow, and learn from within the field

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