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Origins is a movement intelligence journey intended for any adult, not just coaches or physical educators, who want to provide a rich, diverse, fun, and engaging movement experience for youngsters. The material isn’t intended to be a single model or menu on how to train youth. It’s meant to serve as a foundation, so you can build your own unique model, which fits your unique environment.

The main objective is to help guide participants toward a deeper understanding of how to develop movement intelligence in the youth population. To us, movement intelligence is the pursuit of movement abundance and ownership that helps a child move confidently through a wide range of physical activities and maybe most importantly, throughout their entire lifespan. It’s the development of joy and love for movement. It’s engaging and capturing youngsters in the abundant capabilities of our bodies and NOT hampering this exploration. 

Children who possess this intelligence are creative and fluid movers that have access to the tools they need to partake in physical activity and in sport, for both healthy life-long enjoyment and competitive success. Throughout this course, we will show you how to put kids in fun, competitive and sport-like environments that will encourage them to move and solve problems uniquely, confidently, and creatively.  

It was our intention to have this be a very interactive, practical course. Upon completion, we want you to come away from it confident in your ability to apply what you’ve learned. With that said, we believe that it is of utmost importance to have a very firm grasp on principles of motor learning to ensure there is a clear and defined “why” for everything you do as a coach. Understanding principles can truly allow you to have ownership over your craft and can allow you to have true meaning behind your unique methods. So, before we dive into practical application, we are going to challenge you to think about different theories of motor learning and how they might be living and breathing in your approach to youth development. 

This course includes: 

  • 6 chapters of content, including an introduction and FAQ section. 
  • 4 interviews with experts in youth development from around the globe. 
  • Access to our Youth Activity video library. There are currently 30 videos in this library, and we will be indefinitely adding to it. 
  • Movement terminology cheat sheet. We recommend having this handy as you move through the course. 
  • Access to our monthly Movement Meet-Up calls.  
  • A 30-minute call with Michael or Rich upon completion of the course. In this call we will dive deeper into how you can apply what you’ve learned.

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