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Skilled Movement Analysis

As a Movement Practitioner, Skill Acquisition Specialist, or Performance Coach working with athletes, learning to more effectively utilize film for understanding the emerging movement behavior in sport can be a game-changer!

Our new Skilled Movement Analysis (SMA) course was created to offer coaching professionals a unique and ecologically-centered perspective on breaking down film and the movement skills which are contained there, while still keeping the relationship between the athlete and their performance environment closely coupled in our scope of analysis. SMA will be sure to change how you dive into the available film and use it to put yourself into the movement problem-solving processes of athletes across the contexts of various sports. Just as important, it will bring coaching professionals to a deeper understanding as to how to manipulate constraints to adequately set-up representative tasks within the learning environment – leading to the facilitation of more functional and dexterous movers within one’s sport.

One thing is clear – if you work with athletes in any capacity, you must make the best use of film to analyze the movement behaviors in sport. SMA will offer you a framework to do exactly that!

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