The Movement Academy – Initial Conditions Call

00:40:13 Shawn Myszka: Any forum within TMA will be an open pool to take a leap at any moment!
01:07:54 Kevin J. walsh : Kevin Walsh 856.404.8931 I wanted to send my number to all for call/text for any conversation
01:08:11 Kevin J. walsh : looking forward to being on this Journey with everyone!
01:08:28 Sam Elsner: (612) 845-3855
01:08:35 Sam Elsner:
01:08:45 Matt Caraccio: 914.589.1025
01:08:47 Javier Miller-Estrada: 480-370-8601
01:09:06 Frank O Keeffe:
01:09:22 Kevin J. walsh :
01:09:22 Jonty Russ: +447557100843
01:09:32 Javier Miller-Estrada:
01:10:23 Shawn Myszka: The PDF of it is in Slack too
01:10:33 Matt Caraccio:
01:10:47 Shawn Myszka: The link of the Information-Movement Coupling call is also in Slack
01:10:55 Frank O Keeffe: 25th March
01:11:37 Frank O Keeffe: 75 mins
01:13:15 Javier Miller-Estrada: yes
01:15:12 Kevin J. walsh : have to get going here. enjoy the day All!!
01:18:04 Frank O Keeffe: Great initial call. Thanks all