TMA Emergent Discussion #1

00:12:00 Tyler Yearby: Emergent Discussion: January 20th, 2021 Reading assignment: ‘What exactly is acquired during skill acquisition? Q 1: Do you agree with the viewpoint of Araujo and Davids? If not, why not? If so, what do you feel are some of the most important distinctions that separate this idea from some of the other traditional viewpoints of skill (namely, of skill as more of an entity, etc.)?
00:28:27 Garrett Boyum: Or the hits you’ve taken
00:32:27 Tyler Yearby: Q 2: What does movement skill mean to you?
00:33:16 Shawn Myszka: If you are willing to type your answers here in the chat box for us to discuss, that would be cool too.
00:36:17 Shawn Myszka: My quick answer: A functional (purposeful, goal-directed) relationship between an athlete and his/her environment and that environment’s problems; where the athlete coordinates a functional behavioral unit to fit the needs and opportunities of the problems through the intertwined processes of perception, cognition, and action.
00:36:32 javi: Here’s mine: The ability of a performer to interact with the environment in order to find a functional movement solution
00:39:09 Frank O Keeffe: For me sklll is a continous search to find the most optium solution at a paticular moment in time.
00:39:22 Garrett Boyum: Q2: The ability of an athlete to problem-solve or to interact with a given context or range of situations or enviornments. (Plain language attempt at an answer)
00:41:38 Jonty Russ: ability to solve problems in different and changing contexts/environments, which best fits that performer
01:00:56 Matt Caraccio: sorry….
01:01:02 Matt Caraccio: didn’t realize it
01:04:28 Garrett Boyum: Or an overly restrictive strategy/tactics could hinder the athletes ability to be able find a more functional/adaptable relationship to the problem/environment
01:07:22 Frank O Keeffe: Really like that Tyler. Context shapes the Content.
01:13:25 Shawn Myszka: Frame-dependent but ALSO individual-dependent!