TMA Emergent Discussion #2

00:33:50 Garrett Boyum: Passive vs active?
00:40:49 Shawn Myszka: “Loads of opportunities”…love that, Frank!
00:41:41 Tyler Yearby: “express who they are”
00:41:46 Shawn Myszka: Bruce Lee shining through in Javier’s answer 😉
00:52:39 Shawn Myszka: You’re still not pretty w/those lights…no worries there 😉
01:06:13 Shawn Myszka: “We perceive to act, act to perceive.”
01:06:26 Tyler Yearby: Information in the ecological approach refers to specificity between the structured energy distributions available to a perceptual system and the environmental and movement properties causally responsible for that structure (Turvey, 1990). In theories related to ecological dynamics, it is believed that information consists of higher order variables, such as optic variables, which specify affordances that are picked up directly through the perception of the organism.
01:31:01 Shawn Myszka: So, context shapes content.
01:35:13 Shawn Myszka: The (coaching) system behavior is going to be very nonlinear when the performer-environment relationship changes in these ways, Frank!
01:36:10 Javier Miller-Estrada: I gotta head out guys…Great call per usual. See you all later!
01:36:20 Shawn Myszka: Thanks for your contributions, Javier!