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Underpinnings: Concepts which live & breathe within an Ecological Dynamics framework

Underpinnings was created to bring clarity to your journey and discuss the pertinence of the vast array of important, conceptual ideas which form an ecological dynamics framework for sport movement behavior.

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Movement Meet-Up Calls (MMU)

Our goal at Emergence is to provide coaches with a different lens through which they view on-field sport performance. The Movement Meet-Up (MMU) think tank was created to serve as a platform in growing the community’s understanding of sport movement skill. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with industry thought leaders and discuss practical applications to promote learning for your athletes.

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Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective

We view athletes as complex adaptive systems and in this digestible mini-course, we offer a nonlinear approach to the weight room. We showcase how you can guide your athletes to discover their ability to adapt. Join us as we explore ways to provide a platform for your athletes to chase dexterity!

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Ecological Dynamics for Dummies

‘Ecological Dynamics for Dummies,’ to stand as a more bite-sized version of our more extensive course, ‘Underpinnings,’ as a way to bring the sport movement skill community more clarity and a common ground. Using the popular instructional book series that most are familiar with as our inspiration and model, we intended this course to be more direct, simpler, and less intimidating overall.

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