It was a bright day full of sunshine with light winds out of the south. A beautiful three-masted ship with sleek lines sat poised to venture into the uncharted waters. It was obvious when viewing the ship that it was expected to navigate the seas, and it was built in a way that respected the power of mother nature. Anyone that has ever spent any time at sea knows that there is the potential for rough waters, high winds, and stormy nights. We have all heard the quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

However, it’s almost as if this particular ship expected the occasionally rough seas. The ship’s bow and stern were relatively tall, and there was paint chipped off in several places, a few small tears in the sails, and an overall sense of maturity to the vessel. It clearly had knowledge of the open waters, and it was obvious that this particular ship had experienced hours of time on the open sea, likely finding its way as it maneuvered through the choppy waters. However, as it sat just a few kilometers offshore, bobbing in the ocean, I began to wonder where it might be going. As I got closer, I could see the crew moving around, and they seemed ready. I can only imagine how sensitive the crew would need to be of their surroundings to sail across the open sea. A majestic ship and accompanying crew of this size would need to work seamlessly together if they expected to reach uncharted territories in faraway places.

The longer I watched, the more I wondered whether the ship would set sail. Surely it would. It wasn’t anchored down, and it was already a few kilometers off the coast. Was it waiting on other ships? Were the winds too light to move the ship along? All I know for sure is that it seemed at one with the sea, and it was clearly built for great things.

Where are you in your professional journey? Are you bobbing along, or are the winds lifting your sails?

If you feel as though you are bobbing along, then we encourage you to accept one of these invitations to lift your sails!

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