3 Payments of $449/ The Movement Academy


–  6 months of intensive interaction with the Emergence team along with other passionate movement professionals

–  Underpinnings Module 1 ($87 value)

–  Ecological Dynamics for Dummies ($87 value)

–  18 interactive calls (12 are one-on-one), which are split into 3 categories (Emergent Discussions, Personal Craft Development, & Mentor Driven Movement Analysis – reference call details above) ($3,150 value)

–  Access to all Movement Meet-up calls ($97 value)

–  Session planning & reflection tools with recorded explanation ($57 value)

–  Networking & locking arms with other passionate movement professionals (Priceless)

–  Exclusive discussion board

–  Emergence gear

Are you interested in breaking up the payments?

Join the movement with 3 easy payments of $449 every other month over 6 months ($1,347 total)


We don’t believe in giving athletes the answers to the problems that they face within their craft, so why would we try to give it to other Movement Professionals and Performance Coaches? Instead, we feel the learning journey should be a co-adaptive relationship. Hence, The Movement Academy was designed with this in mind and during the entirety of the course, we will meet you where you personally are and attempt to help you stretch to a place where you may begin to fill in the gaps within your craft.

That all said, The Movement Academy is so much more than a course. It’s a learning community which will be interaction-based and practically-driven. It will consist of a group of like-minded individuals who will come together in a safe space to push each other and the entire community with the common goal of understanding movement behavior deeply. This will equate to the sharing of ideas and experiences about one’s practice to enhance the movement behavior of performers while also being able to raise concerns and uncertainties about the current state of one’s learning environment and practice design.


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