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The 2022 Sport Movement Skill Conference theme was “Telling YOUR Skill Acquisition Story.” The exclusive format allows you to learn by hearing about each storyteller’s unique experiences. The line-up ranges from leading theorists and researchers to experienced coaches from various sports. One of the greatest ways to learn is by hearing stories from others. Pull up a seat at the table and see what you might be able to absorb from the 2022 event.

As you will see from looking at the line-up below for SMSC ‘22, we have once again secured some of the top minds in the entire sport movement community, representing an unmatched blend of science and art, theory and practice.

All discussions were facilitated by team members of Emergence including Tyler Yearby, Rich White, and Shawn Myszka, along with special guest host Javier Miller-Estrada (Athlete Blueprint Podcast)

Friday, November 4th

Dr. Keith Davids, Leading Theoretician & Researcher

Stuart Armstrong, Coach Developer

Dr. Duarte Araújo, Leading Theoretician & Researcher

Will Roberts, Professor & Coach Developer

Dr. Rob Gray, Leading Theoretician & Researcher

Michael Zweifel, Football Coach

David Martinez, Rehabilitation Specialist

Alex Sarama, Basketball Coach

Preston Hale, Sport Performance Coach & Defensive Backs Coach

Leanne Rath, Rehabilitation Specialist

Scott Sievewright, Mixed Martial Arts Coach

Dr. Carl Woods, Leading Theoretician & Researcher

Saturday, November 5th

Shawn Myszka, Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for NFL players & Coach Developer

Marianne Davies, Coach Developer & Equestrian

Karen Ekman, Winter Sport Performance & Lecturer

Philip O’Callaghan, PE Teacher & Tennis Coach

Rob Gambardella, Sport Performance Coach

Gareth Flitcroft, Soccer Coach

Stuart McMillan, Leading T&F Coach & CEO of ALTIS

Garrett Baker, Pitching Coach

Kathy Sierra, Horse Rehabilitation & Performance

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