Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective


We view athletes as complex adaptive systems, and in this digestible mini-course, we offer a nonlinear approach to the weight room. Join us and learn how to design programs where athletes are challenged to express strength in different ways, expand their movement capabilities, and become more resilient movers!

Additionally, you receive weight room training templates that include the readiness and exploration keys that we detail in the course! Finally, for those who are interested, we provide a list of references to look into, as well as recordings of Movement meet-up (MMU) calls from our early days as we explored these and other ideas! 

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"The Approaching the Weight Room from an Ecological Dynamics Perspective course was one of the most enjoyable educational experiences of my last 10 years as a coach. There are many things I've noticed in my years in mainstream strength and conditioning that didn't seem to fit well with how elite athletes actually trained, moved, and experienced their environment. The weight room course by Emergence tied up many of these loose ends for me and gave me loads of insights and ideas as to what the true purpose of the gym is in our modern training context. The creativity of Tyler and Michael in the course is on another level, and hugely inspiring. I'd absolutely recommend it to any performance coach, as this is exactly the type of thinking that we need to move the needle of injuries, performance, and perhaps more importantly, creativity, in a positive direction. "

Joel Smith from the "Just Fly Performance Podcast"

"The team at Emergence has put together an incredible array of information that is highly thought-provoking and delivered with a vast depth of knowledge on the many variables that encompass the subject of skill acquisition in sport. Looking at this from my personal training lens, I see immediate uses to help the functionality of the variety of clientele that I work with. I am excited to have bolstered my training arsenal and would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in doing the same."

Michael Niebuhr CSCS Pn 1

CEO, Transitions Fitness L.L.C

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