Ecological Dynamics for Dummies


If you are passionate about understanding sport movement behavior and are entrusted with facilitating enhanced movement skills for individuals of all sorts, we believe this course will offer you invaluable insight that will change your craft and the game of those individuals forever. We hope that you will consider joining us on this journey.

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Hold the phone! Pump the brakes! Of course, we do NOT think you are a dummy! 

But we do know that sifting through the ideas which are most pertinent to enabling movement professionals to deeply understand sport movement skill can prove itself to be a relatively daunting task at times. This endeavor is only made more difficult if you are trying to utilize ideas which are new, novel, and foreign to you...and also highly misunderstood and misapplied by many across the community, as well.

However, we believe that adopting an Ecological Dynamics framework can be highly beneficial for your craft and can truly change the way that you view movement behavior in sport. Thus, in order to sufficiently do that, one must be able to fully grasp the concepts, terms, and principles which are vitally important to investigating, understanding, and explaining movement skill at the levels that we believe that our community desires to.

Because of that, we created this course, ‘Ecological Dynamics for Dummies,’ to stand as a more bite-sized version of our more extensive course,‘Underpinnings,’ as a way to bring the sport movement skill community more clarity and a common ground. Using the popular instructional book series that most are familiar with as our inspiration and model, we intended this course to be more direct, simpler, and less intimidating overall.

In this 90 minute course, we will introduce and unpack the main theoretical concepts which make-up an Ecological Dynamics framework that we believe can immediately change your personal Form of Life as a practitioner.

Within it, we aim to define and expand on ideas such as:

  • Accepting the reality: the complexity of sport movement behavior
  • Why it's imperative that you adopt Systems Thinking
  • The marriage of Ecological Psychology and Dynamical Systems Theory into Ecological Dynamics
  • Why Bernstein’s ideas regarding Dexterity may be our main objective for athletes and humans alike
  • What is Self-organization and why is it essential that we grasp onto its presence in movement systems
  • Emergence within movement systems in the form of skilled movement solutions 
  • Why Information is power and Affordances hold the key
  • Why perception and action must be coupled 
  • The importance of movement variability (Bernstein was onto something with repetition without repetition too!)
  • What is this whole Constraints-Led Approach that everyone is talking about?
  • Why is it so important that we acknowledge if a task is a ‘Representative’ one? 
  • Who you should read, follow, and learn from within the field
  • And much, much more! 

Copyright 2023 Emergence


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What people are saying…

I just finished ‘Ecological Dynamics for Dummies’ by Emergence, and I can honestly say it is THE best introduction to the ecological dynamics framework for coaches. Period. I highly recommend it!

James Chung, CSCS

DPT Student at Columbia, FRS Instructor

At Emergence, Tyler and Shawn have done an amazing job consolidating the work of many researchers on ecological dynamics and give great examples of how you can apply it to sports movement behavior. I would highly recommend investing your time and efforts in navigating through their lecture series, joining them on their Movement Meet-up calls, or just hiring them as consultants. Emergence has been a great resource for us at the 49ers.

Dustin Perry M.Ed. CSCS

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, San Francisco 49ers (NFL)