Sport Movement Skill Conference 2021


Relive the 2021 Sport Movement Skill Conference. All of the conference sessions are edited and remastered to galvanize your at-home learning experience. Utilize this information to build your coaching practice and grow within the sport movement field.


About This Event

Each year since 2018, passionate members of the sport movement skill community come together to lock arms in taking the trek down the deepest rabbit holes of the most pertinent motor control and skill acquisition concepts. This annual event, entitled the Sport Movement Skill Conference, took place in an entirely virtual format for 2021. Because of this, many of the very best movement professionals from all walks of the community, were able to participate in the event – sharing their tremendous energy and expertise on all things related to sport movement behavior.

If you weren’t able to participate in the event when it unfolded on May 20th to May 23rd, 2021, you won’t have to miss it entirely! You’re in luck – NOW is your chance to pick-up each of the presentation videos from this annual ground-breaking event and get stuck-in to the content in a similar fashion that the nearly six dozen attendees did when it unfolded live. This year’s theme, centered around ‘Adaptability,’ offered some varied, but highly thoughtful takes on the importance of enhancing adaptability within movement skill execution for athletes, but also for the practitioner themselves, while tackling topics such as representative co-design, problem-solving, creativity, and everything in between.

Featured Presenters

Shawn Myszka, Be Water: Adaptability within adaptability
Tyler Yearby, Representative co-design: Embedding athletes within the practice design process
Danny Newcombe, Designing failure – a case study from international hockey
Carl Woods, Enskilment into the environment: An ecological-anthropological worldview of skill, learning and education in sport
Duarte AraujoThe birth of a sport skill
Paula Silva, Profiling athletes’ adaptability and promoting anti-fragility
Ivi Casagrande, Addressing adaptability in a team sports setting
Dominic Orth, Role of constraints in creative motor action emergence
Stuart Armstrong, The guild: Dangerous coaching conversations
Rafe Kelley, Parkour, natural movement, and the creation of the adaptable athlete
Christina Specos, Being adaptable as a coach, trainer, and athlete
Rich White, What adaptability means to me
Javier Miller-Estrada, Bridging the gap: Taking athletes from injured to adaptable
NFL Player Panel, Movement skill from the lens of high-level football athletes
AND…TWO (2) Open Community Discussions where any and all were able to pull-up a seat at the table to discuss anything and everything that may be on their mind. These two sessions are SUPER rich conversations which, in our humble opinion, are worth the price of the videos alone!


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