The Movement Academy: Essentials


Our next 6-month-long cohort begins in March 2023

– 6 months of intensive interaction with the Emergence team along with other passionate movement professionals

– Underpinnings Module 1 ($99 value)

– Ecological Dynamics for Dummies ($59 value)

– There are 18 interactive calls where you are immersed in the ideas that form an ecological dynamics framework, with emphasis placed on your ability to apply the ideas in your specific context. Homework assignments range from reading journal articles to filming your practices for discussion. ($4,499 value)

– Session planning & reflection tools with recorded explanation ($99 value)

– Networking & locking arms with other passionate movement professionals (Priceless)

Total investment: $2,349

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We don’t believe in giving athletes the answers to the problems that they face within their craft, so why would we try to give it to other Movement Professionals and Performance Coaches? Instead, we feel the learning journey should be a co-adaptive relationship. Hence, The Movement Academy: Essentials was designed with this in mind, and during the entirety of the course, we will meet you where you personally are and attempt to help you stretch to a place where you may begin to fill in the gaps within your craft.

That said, The Movement Academy: Essentials is much more than a course; it’s a learning community that is interaction-based and practically driven. It consists of a group of like-minded individuals who come together in a safe space to push each other and the entire community with the common goal of understanding movement behavior in greater depth. This will equate to the sharing of ideas and experiences about one’s practice to enhance the movement behavior of performers while also being able to raise concerns and uncertainties about the current state of one’s learning environment and practice design.

Components of the Academy

Science: Analysis of Movement Skill

Learning Objectives

  • To identify and describe how complex systems operate within the context of sport
  • To understand the nature and role of information in the coordination and control of movement behavior
  • To determine where each Sport Movement Specialist authentically stands in their personalized, conceptualized view of movement skill

Science: Understanding of Movement Behavior

Learning Objectives

  • To use the athlete-environment system as the main scale of analysis in assessing movement skill in sport (and in the world too)
  • To be able to study the problem-solving processes of the mover in context
  • To determine how we may be able to use the concept of affordance perception and selection to assess the current movement skill of a performer and in the subsequent design of practice activities in the learning environment

Art: Creating a Learning Environment

Learning Objectives

  • To conceptualize the Sport Movement Specialist as an environment designer, a problem setter, or a facilitator of movement skill
  • To understand how constraint manipulation can help us set adequately challenging movement problems to be solved by containing the most relevant information and affordances for the athlete to interact with
  • To apply the concept of ‘repetition without repetition’ to help increase the skilled movement behavior of our athletes

Art: Guiding the Performer to Enhanced Movement Skill

Learning Objectives

  • To determine the various individual differences between performers which will change how they solve movement problems as well as how the Sport Movement Specialist could aim to guide them most effectively
  • To understand how factors such as instruction and feedback can influence the learning process
  • To provide a learning environment that prioritizes innovation, creativity, authenticity, and freedom in the movement skill of athletes

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