The Movement Academy: Essentials


Our next 6-month-long cohort begins in January 2022

– 6 months of intensive interaction with the Emergence team along with other passionate movement professionals

– Underpinnings Module 1 ($87 value)

– Ecological Dynamics for Dummies ($57 value)

– 18 interactive calls (12 are one-on-one), which are split into 3 categories (Emergent Discussions, Personal Craft Development, & Mentor Driven Movement Analysis – reference call details below) ($4,500 value)

– Access to all Movement Meet-up calls ($97 value)

– Session planning & reflection tools with recorded explanation ($87 value)

– Networking & locking arms with other passionate movement professionals (Priceless)

Total investment: $2,347

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We don’t believe in giving athletes the answers to the problems that they face within their craft, so why would we try to give it to other Movement Professionals and Performance Coaches? Instead, we feel the learning journey should be a co-adaptive relationship. Hence, The Movement Academy: Essentials was designed with this in mind, and during the entirety of the course, we will meet you where you personally are and attempt to help you stretch to a place where you may begin to fill in the gaps within your craft.

That said, The Movement Academy: Essentials is much more than a course; it’s a learning community that is interaction-based and practically driven. It consists of a group of like-minded individuals who come together in a safe space to push each other and the entire community with the common goal of understanding movement behavior in greater depth. This will equate to the sharing of ideas and experiences about one’s practice to enhance the movement behavior of performers while also being able to raise concerns and uncertainties about the current state of one’s learning environment and practice design.






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We have said it before and we will again: how one views movement behavior in sport, both in regards to motor control and movement execution, as well as in regards to learning and skill acquisition, will determine how we aim to coach and teach. Our main objective in The Movement Academy: Essentials is to meet participants in our learning community where they currently stand and attempt to walk alongside them as we collectively explore the practical relevance of the most pertinent concepts within movement science.

The idea of bridging science with art is rather cliché. However, as we strive to reach our potential as Sport Movement Specialists, we will try to exist equally within both areas simultaneously and allow both sides to inform one another within our craft. We feel as though this is what the Sport Movement Specialist skill-set is really about. Thus, this will be highly reflected in our learning objectives and the questions that we will use to guide our Emergent Discussions in hopes of facilitating an enhanced understanding of movement behavior in one’s specific context. We expect each Sport Movement Specialist enrolled in The Movement Academy: Essentials to ultimately become the living and breathing, yet authentic and individual, embodiment of these ideas within one’s day-to-day Form of Life.

Components of the Academy

Science: Analysis of Movement Skill

Learning Objectives

  • To identify and describe how complex systems operate within the context of sport
  • To understand the nature and role of information in the coordination and control of movement behavior
  • To determine where each Sport Movement Specialist authentically stands in their personalized, conceptualized view of movement skill

Science: Understanding of Movement Behavior

Learning Objectives

  • To use the athlete-environment system as the main scale of analysis in assessing movement skill in sport (and in the world too)
  • To be able to study the problem-solving processes of the mover in context
  • To determine how we may be able to be able to use the concept of affordance perception and selection to assess the current movement skill of a performer and in the subsequent design of practice activities in the learning environment

Art: Creating a Learning Environment

Learning Objectives

  • To conceptualize the Sport Movement Specialist as an environment designer, a problem setter, or a facilitator of movement skill
  • To understand how constraint manipulation can help us set adequately challenging movement problems to be solved by containing the most relevant information and affordances for the athlete to interact with
  • To apply the concept of ‘repetition without repetition’ to help increase the skilled movement behavior of our athletes

Art: Guiding the Performer to Enhanced Movement Skill

Learning Objectives

  • To determine the various individual differences between performers which will change how they solve movement problems as well as how the Sport Movement Specialist could aim to guide them most effectively
  • To understand how factors such as instruction and feedback can influence the learning process
  • To provide a learning environment which prioritizes innovation, creativity, authenticity, and freedom in the movement skill of athletes

Interactive calls

Personal Craft Development


In these one-on-one, learner-centered calls, there will be a variety of topics covered. Each month, the topics will shift based on where the learner’s challenge point exists, and the specific areas of focus that will develop a more adaptive coach.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but below are just a few topics that we might explore.

  • Ecological Approach vs. Traditional Approaches to Learning
  • Co-adaptive relationships
  • Session planning & reflection tools
  • Communication & guidance
  • Information, affordances, & movement behavior
  • Constraints-led approach (CLA) & Differential learning
  • Representative task design (RTD) / Representative learning design (RLD)
  • General movement skills/qualities

Emergent Discussions


Our emergent discussions are a place for growth. In these interactive calls, the cohort comes together where there can be an open and honest discussion.

We will explore book chapters, papers, podcast episodes, and previous Emergence Movement Meet-up (MMU) calls. The emergent discussions will take many shapes, and our goal is to facilitate a unique learning experience for all!

Mentor Driven Movement Analysis


These highly exclusive, one-on-one calls are designed to explore movement behavior to the greatest depths. In these calls, the Emergence team will analyze the behaviors of many movers from several sports to help the student develop a greater understanding of how sessions are designed to guide athletes towards becoming more dexterous movers.

In addition, the student will discuss how they approach the same process with their own athletes, and together with the Emergence team, both will leave with a better understanding of the movement analysis process. These calls are invaluable to the coach-athlete experience.

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze the behavior of their own athletes with guidance from the Emergence team
  • Experience how the Emergence team analyzes their own athlete’s behavior
  • Suggest athletes for the Emergence team to analyze from the sport of your choice

Movement Meet-up Call

How will the learning process be individualized and tailored to me and my needs as a learner?

The team at Emergence, who will serve as your ‘Instructors’ for the Academy, aim to approach the learning journey and everyone within it, just as they do with the learning environment design for athletes. This means, they know that the process is going to be a very nonlinear and authentic one where each learner has their own specific goals and aspirations, as well as strengths and weaknesses within their craft. The aim is to meet you where you are and attempt to walk alongside you to help assist you to get where you believe you were destined to be as a Sport Movement Specialist. In this way then, instead of being an ‘Instructor,’ members of our team will be more of a ‘Facilitator.’

On this note, The Movement Academy: Essentials will be a co-adaptive relationship between Emergence, your peers within the community, and yourself. This means that nothing is set in stone within the curriculum. The Emergence team takes great pride in being attuned to what one’s needs are and then tailoring the content covered, the questions asked, and each correspondence, around what it is that interests you as the learner and will be most relevant for the niche you behave within. Our ‘Facilitators’ won’t have all the answers – far from it, in fact. However, they look forward to growing and evolving their respective crafts right alongside you as they know that each party will have the opportunity to learn from one another.

Ultimately, you will be given tremendous autonomy, freedom, and flexibility within your learning journey and The Movement Academy: Essentials Facilitators want to support you in any way that we can.

How do I know if ‘The Movement Academy: Essentials’ is for me?

Many people may look at what The Movement Academy: Essentials consists of and initially think that it’s only for advanced learners in the movement skill community. This is simply not true. Though those with lots of experience or an existing abundance of knowledge and understanding will be able to gain a great deal from participating in the Academy, because of our flexible and individualized structure with the directions we will aim to go and concepts we will uncover, The Movement Academy is equally relevant for assisting those with varied experiences and levels of understanding. If you are passionate about movement behavior like we are, then you will fit in within The Movement Academy: Essentials.

Additionally, you don’t have to be in a specific role where you operate as a Movement Coach or Skill Acquisition Specialist to participate in The Movement Academy. Anyone who works to drive more functional movement behaviors in any capacity with athletes (and humans of all sorts) should consider joining us. This includes, but is not limited to, Sport Coaches, Performance Coaches, Sport Scientists, Strength & Conditioning Specialists, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Professors, and Researchers. We believe, that as long as the individual possesses the right mindset and approach, any and all of the above can be a well-equipped Sport Movement Specialist who drives change for the crafts of individual athletes as well as the community as a whole.

We cannot overstate enough: if you are dedicated to your craft and committed to becoming the most effective Sport Movement Practitioner that you can be, then The Movement Academy: Essentials is certainly for you. If you have questions about the fit between your skills and what The Movement Academy will be able to offer for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and one of our ‘Facilitators’ will be happy to speak with you.

Will you give me training programs to use for my athletes?

Ah, not exactly! In fact, us giving you predetermined training programs, or a cookbook of drills, or prescribing anything for your athletes, is NOT what will be beneficial for you anyway! Instead, we strive to help you grasp the most pertinent movement science concepts so that theoretical ideas will come to life in the practical applications of your learning environments. So, even though we will not be giving you training programs, we will assist you with the look and feel of your practice environment, the design of the movement problems that you set, an understanding of the manipulation of constraints within your peculiar contextual setting, and behaving in the most optimal ways possible as a Sport Movement Specialist so that the athletes you work with can become the most skillful moving versions of themselves.

Through what medium will The Movement Academy: Essentials be administered?

Of course, the majority of The Movement Academy: Essentials curriculum is about interaction. This interaction will take place between the Sport Movement Specialist (you) and the Emergence Team Facilitator(s), as well as between students (your fellow Professionals). Being that The Movement Academy is open to individuals across the world, we will utilize the Zoom platform for these interactions (you don’t need a Zoom account; we will just send you links that allow you to get into the ‘Meeting Rooms’). Additionally, on this note, we will do everything we can to be flexible with our scheduling for the Interactive Calls so that we are able to accommodate individuals who may be scattered across the globe. Finally, it should be stated that every Interactive Call will be recorded and accessible shortly after the call so that each student of the Academy is able to revisit the information shared as many times as they desire and for future reference as needed.

What is my expected time commitment level?

Like all aspects of the learning process, the answer to this question will be dependent on a whole host of individual factors. For starters, we understand that most of the participants within The Movement Academy: Essentials will be active, working professionals across the field. Though we will design the coursework within the Academy around you and your needs, it goes without saying that like the pursuit within any endeavor, the more time and energy that you are willing to invest, likely the more that you will get out of your personal study of the science and art of being the best Sport Movement Specialist that you can be. Overall, as long as you are fully committed to your craft, and you are willing to give everything that you can, once again, we will meet you where you are and attempt to make the best of the entire experience for you…no matter the amount of time that you have available within your schedule.

I only work with athletes in a Strength & Conditioning capacity, and/or, I only work with individuals who are from the general population, will I still benefit from the learning objectives and directions within The Movement Academy: Essentials?

To piggyback off of the earlier answer above (regarding ‘who The Movement Academy: Essentials is for?’), if you are passionate about movement skill, then we would encourage you to commit to your craft by joining us. Let’s say that you are a Strength & Conditioning Coach, and you rarely (and maybe never) get to work with your athletes directly out in their sporting arena; there will still be a plethora of ways that you will able to bring some of these movement science related topics to light within the weight room setting and ultimately allow those you work with to explore, discover, and expand their movement toolbox. To answer the second question, let’s remember: as humans, we all move! And, we can all aim to move more skillfully and dexterously; it’s just that the environment and the movement problems will be different. Thus, it doesn’t matter who you work with and where you work with them, if movement is part of your passion, we are positive that The Movement Academy: Essentials will have a whole lot to offer you!

How long will the cohort run?

Each cohort will last six (6) calendar months in length. Though we strongly feel as though every individual is on a constant, yet nonlinear, educational journey, we also believe that this six month period of time will provide a wonderful opportunity for each individual within the cohort to grow significantly. 

When will the next cohort start/end?

Our next cohort will start in January 2023, and will run for six months. If you are unable to register, there are additional cohorts that start roughly every six months. After the July cohort, we are tentatively scheduled for July 2023.

How long will each call last and what exactly will be covered?

The one-on-one interactive calls will vary depending on the number of questions asked by the student and the particular directions that the call will go depending on the needs of the individual student. With that said, calls will generally be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. However, we cannot emphasize enough that these calls are really about the learner and his/her desires and needs. What this means is the calls will vary in length. Both parties are expected to engage in an emergent and interactive discussion. Hence, the topics covered will be specific to allow the Sport Movement Specialist (aka the student) to exist in a space where he/she can grow accordingly and be challenged appropriately in a safe fashion. It will be our shared responsibility to fill in the gaps that you, as the learner, feel as though is holding you back and/or are most intrigued to learn more about.

The Movement Academy: Essentials (TMA) has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made into my coaching career. TMA has deepened my understanding of ecological dynamics and made me a better coach. The team at Emergence does a great job of meeting you where you are as a practitioner and curating a learning experience that is unique to you. I cannot speak more highly of this experience!

Javi Miller-Estrada

Co-Owner, Ignite Performance, Sports Movement Specialist

The Movement Academy: Essentials was truly the most individualized learning experience of my life. It was incredible! At the beginning, the faculty listened to my goals and together we crafted my curriculum. At every juncture throughout my journey, the faculty pushed me beyond the limits of my current understanding. Through in-depth feedback & interactive discussions, I was constantly challenged as a sport movement skill analyst and coach. The Movement Academy: Essentials not only galvanized my lens on sport movement skill, but they helped me reach a new plateau of understanding as both a sport movement skill analyst & coach. While my journey is far from over, The Movement Academy: Essentials has truly helped me plot a course for the future.

Matt Caraccio

Co-Owner & Co-Host, Saturday 2 Sunday Podcast

It is great to see the S&C community beginning to appreciate the importance of skill acquisition and transfer of training. This has been in no small part due to the excellent work of my buddy Shawn Myszka, and the team at Emergence. I look forward to seeing how the profession expands over the coming years – with a growing influence on athlete performance.

Stuart McMillan


Joining the Movement Academy: Essentials was the most important investment I have ever made in my coaching career to date. The personal and group mentoring I received from Tyler, Shawn, and the rest of the team was world-class. I would highly recommend this course to really discover where you are in your coaching and where you could potentially go.

Frank O'Keeffe

Level 3 Tennis Coach, Frank's Tennis