Rethinking Soccer: What an Ecological Dynamics Framework Could Offer Skill, Learning & Development is a new course with Emergence Global Partner, Ben Franks. The course will dive into the potential opportunities that adopting an Ecological Dynamics Framework could provide coaches and practitioners within the soccer world. Delivered across 5 live sessions, alongside a range of asynchronous materials; this course draws on your experiential knowledge within your environment to piece the components of Ecological Dynamics together in an applied and accessible manner.

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Limited seats available! There next cohort will begin in April/May. We will update you as the time approaches. We look forward to connecting with you then.

The sessions will be recorded and available to you if you aren’t able to attend them on the scheduled dates.


What you’ll take from the course:

  • The possibilities afforded to us from adopting an Ecological Dynamics Framework.
  • Challenging and reflecting on our approaches to soccer practice.
  • Deconstruct specific contexts within soccer practice. 
  • Putting soccer theory and research into practice. 
  • Linking together the complex mesh of experiential knowledge, and research perspectives.


Rethinking Soccer: What An Ecological Dynamics Framework Could Offer Skill, Learning & Development


  • We will provide a brief insight into how an Ecological Dynamics Framework supports skill learning and development.
  • We will align the principles of an Ecological Dynamics Framework with your experiential knowledge.
  • We will start to consider the broader application of an Ecological Dynamics Framework across soccer programming.
  • We will get to grips with the concept of affordances.
  • We will think about the practical interpretation and implications of affordances, and how we can use them in practice design.
  • We will use a Youth soccer case study to embrace a theory-practice explanation and get to grips with a number of contextual problems. We will draw on the attendees experiential knowledges.
  • We will use a Senior/Performance soccer case study to embrace theory-practice explanations and get to grips with a number of contextual problems. We will draw on the attendee’s experiential knowledges.
  • We will discuss the goalkeeping context, disseminating current research and embracing a number of contemporary themes in goalkeeping.
  • You will have the opportunity to engage in a 1-to-1 call and discuss your own context, further questions and pick apart your own practice activities. 

The Breakdown of the course :

  • 5 weeks (run every 2 weeks) of 1 hour live sessions. (30 minute presentation/30 minute group discussion).
  • 30 minute 1-to-1 practice workshop.
  • Weekly asynchronous content and group discussion platform.