Emergence was created to help unite the movement skill acquisition world while helping you explore sport movement behavior in greater depth.

Sport Movement Skill Conference 2020

Sport Movement Skill Conference 16 speakers including Keith Davids, Stu Mcmillan, Rob Gray and other leaders across the sport movement community, deliver on over 18 hours of content!

The 3rd Annual Sport Movement Skill Conference took place via an online format on May 16th and 17th (adapting to the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic like many others). The SMSC is truly the only event of its kind where sport movement professionals come together in integration and cohesion to advance the understanding of movement behavior in sport while refining methods utilized within the art of facilitating skill acquisition in athletes of all levels. In case you missed it live, now is your time to accept the opportunity to interact with this material from some of the foremost leaders in the movement skill community.

Speaker List and Topics


Opening Address: An Emergent Interaction

Marianne Davies

Listening to the Rebels: Tales from the naughty side of research and practice

Dr. Keith Davids

Have we got the right balance between specificity of training and enrichment of functional capacities in athlete development and preparation for performance?

Dr. Rob Gray

From Freezing to Freeing to Coordinative Structures: Solving the DOF Problem in Skilled Motor Action

Todd Hargrove

The Complexity of Pain & Biomechanics

Tyler Yearby

Introducing a Repetition Without Repetition Approach to the Weight Room

Dr. Emily Splichal

Reflexive Stabilization for Power & Agility

Stu McMillan

Problems & Roundtable

Rich White

Bridging the gap with novel activities

Stuart Armstrong

There's a game for that: Reconceptualizing practice design through the needs of the participant

Ben Franks

Could adaptive variability underpin skilled perception-action couplings?

Michael Zweifel

Youth Movement Skill Acquisition

Cam Josse

Contextual Training in Team Sports

Harjiv Singh

Rethinking Feedback: Characteristics of Language for Optimal Motor Learning and Performance

Dr. Jas Randhawa

The Performance Environment: Integrating Representative Design & Performance Therapy

Rhett Ellison

Perspectives from the athlete


Challenges in Movement Skill Acquisition