We have all heard the cliche quote, “Alone we are strong…together we are stronger” (or at least something along those lines).

When it comes to each of our individual learning journeys, these words most certainly apply. I think it’s safe to say that none of us can reach our full potential without the assistance of others along the way!

I have been blessed by being surrounded by countless individuals who have made me better and pushed me to new heights. Without a doubt, I owe a debt of gratitude to each of those individuals; some of whom so happen to exist within the team at Emergence.

It is my hope that each of those individuals would feel the same way about me and that I have equally helped enable them to also become significantly better. Like that which occurs across the levels of the athlete-environment system, or within the problem-solution dynamics in the competitive sporting arena, I believe that all relationships should be a mutual and reciprocal exchange where the two feed off of each other.

In fact, a few weeks ago, two of these individuals, Tyler Yearby and Rich White, along with myself, got together early on a weekend morning to discuss the nature of our relationship and along with it, the growth and evolution of our crafts. Though we spend a great deal of time talking about Rich’s journey in particular, please realize that it could have easily been any of the three of us sitting in that student chair as we all view ourselves as lifelong learners within this space.

One of our initiatives with The Movement Academy is oriented around creating a collective learning environment where the relationships expressed through these shared mentorships exist inherently and organically because of the parties involved and the tone that is set from the beginning.

If this type of learning community is something that sounds appealing to you, I would invite you to look into what The Movement Academy could offer for you HERE. I believe that what we are collectively creating here, can be a missing ingredient to take all of your crafts to the next level!

We hope that you will join us in January!

Shawn is the Co-Director of Education & Co-Founder of Emergence. He developed content for the educational brand, Movement Mastery, from 2014 till the formation of Emergence, with the sole purpose of helping to enable a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the acquisition of more masterful movement for athletes in sport. Shawn has served primarily as a Personal Performance Advisor & Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for National Football League (NFL) players since 2008, working with approximately 12 players each year.